Service Models

After the initial financial plan, you can continue to work with your advisor who will assist you with implementation and monitoring your investments and financial plan. You can choose what level of ongoing serving you will feel comfortable with. With The Athena Financial Group, you don't pay for services your don't need or want. You can change your level of service at any time. 


For the person who values extra handholding and needs more advanced planning such as stock option planning, employment benefits planning, 401k monitoring, estate planning, tax strategies, and investment tax harvesting.


An annual financial physical is fine for you! You are pretty computer savvy so monitoring your progress online with an annual one-on-one with your advisor is good for you. Your planning needs are not too complex so why pay for it?

Fees are subject to change and are negotiated directly with Athena Advisory Services, Inc., and will be outlined in more detail in the client agreement and servicing arrangement. We strive to provide as much clarity and detail to our clients at the time of engagement. Advisory fees do not include underlying investment costs such as mutual fund and ETF internal expenses or trading costs.