Our Story 

Like so many small businesses founded by women, The Athena Financial Group was a result of frustration with corporate America

For 14 years, Diane Young toiled in the corporate financial planning world, becoming more and more frustrated with the industries view of women as clients and women as advisors. She served on several firms Women's Councils, where female outreach amounted to putting a woman on the cover of marketing materials. "I knew that change was bigger than a nice photograph, These firms had institutional biases that went deep into the management culture. I was just one woman working in the trenches, and after fighting the good fight I concluded I couldn't reach the clients who needed my services the most at a large institution. I needed to start fresh and build a firm from the ground up!"

And so she did.

Founded in 2004,  The Athena Financial Group has since grown to become one of the largest 100% female owned Registered Investment Advisory firms in Michigan. Athena advisors strive to provide each client with confidence, clarity and direction. This means getting to know clients personally, addressing their needs holistically, providing financial education, and working towards goals together.  While designed with women in mind, 40% of Athena Financial Group clients are men. "We have found that men like our service model as well. There is a saying in the marketing world, If you meet the expectations of a woman, you will exceed them of a man! That is absolutely true of the work we do here"Diane says with a smile.

The Athena Financial Group believes in fee transparency. Its investment model uses low cost mutual funds, exchange traded funds and low trading solutions as studies shows that keeping investment costs low is a critical factor in long term investment success. Advisory fees are based on clients service plan. Clients pay only for the amount of ongoing service and monitoring they deem necessary.

Service Models

 Meet your financial advocates 


We work collaboratively to give our clients comprehensive service.

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Diane Young

Founder & President

Daniel P. Casey

Vice-President, Financial Planner and Investment Coordinator


Kristeen Parisi

Administrative Assistant