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 Paint a picture of your future,  we'll help you build it 

Our Process:


The first step in our process is to learn about you, your goals, and your specific concerns. By asking a lot of questions, gathering data and important information we can begin to get an understanding of your finances. We will review important documents like employer benefit statements, tax returns, investment statements, and legal documents. This gives us a deeper understanding of your unique financial situation so we can devise a plan to move you forward. 


We take this information and do an in-depth review utilizing several financial tools. We back test performance, and provide projections to see if your financial plan is on track.

In addition, we will do stress testing to look at what could potentially take your financial plan off track. Finally we develop concrete recommendations for your implementation strategy.


The next meeting is our strategy session: we will present our findings, make adjustments as necessary and share with you an implementation plan. You will have an outline of how you can implement your financial plan with concrete action items.


At the end of the strategy meeting, you will be armed with our recommendations and an implementation plan. Most clients elect to implement this plan with an Athena Financial Group advisor. You can also implement your plan with your current advisor's or on your own.

Monitoring & Service

Clients who implement with us will choose a level of service within our service model.

No cookie cutter pricing program for us. We feel that clients should decide the level attention they want from their advisor and pay only for the services they need. That is why we have priced our services based on the time and cost of managing your portfolio instead of assets under management. We feel this is a fair process and the most transparent method of compensating your advisor.

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