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Women working for women

The Athena Financial Group was founded for women by women

  one small decison with one huge impact.

Here's how:


Our finances are complicated and often intimidating and everyone can use a little help. We work with our clients to keep them accountable and informed on the state of their portfolios. The financial education gained at the Athena Financial Group is often invaluable to clients.

Holistic Approach

Most advisors take either a qualitative or theraputic approach to advice. We like to think we offer the best of both worlds: we are whole hearted in our relationships with clients and our advice is supported by sharp analytical skills.


No mansplaining here.  Female advisors often tend to communicate in more relatable manner: more everyday language, less investor-speak.  We are no different, and by communicating with our clients more clearly we find they in turn feel free to ask questions and get more out of their advisor relationships.


We know that female investors are focused first on security.  Thats why we look at the big picture. Instead of chasing outlandish gains we formulate plans that provide our clients a clear path to their desired future.

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