Declutter and Find Joy

There is a lot of buzz out there about decluttering and finding joy in your stuff. I fully support people getting rid of stuff and stopping getting new junk to clutter up their homes. I also want to suggest that you get your financial house in order, especially if you are retired. Most people have a lifetime of old 401ks, IRAs, bank accounts, and investments cluttering up their desk drawers. Often, I see people with dozens of accounts scattered all over the place, insurance policies they can’t remember why they purchased them, and old retirement plans from jobs long gone. Spend some time this spring decluttering and finding joy in your finances. First, gather all your accounts into similarl

School Bells are Ringing

School bells are ringing around the state and parents are cheering as their youngsters go back to class. This also means that kids are one year closer to potentially going to college. Have you done enough to help save for college? With tuition outpacing inflation, it is important for families to save as early as possible. In fact, it can be a family affair, with grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles helping too. A popular way to save for college is a 529 plan. In Michigan, we have a few to choose from. One that is done directly with the investment company and one that can be handled with an advisor if you need a little more hand holding through the process. You can put money aside into

Off to College

Watching one of your children go off to college can bring a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, you are extremely proud and excited that you have successfully got your child through the gauntlet of high school. The PTA meetings, driving them to sporting events, music lessons, and other activities will soon be over. You will have new found free time. And on the other hand, you will have new found free time and someone who depended on you for their entire existence will now hardly acknowledge your existence. It can be a very sad transition for many parents. Letting go of a child into adulthood is very difficult. The good news is, many children still want to have some relationship with their p

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