Media Hype and the Stock Market

Do media headlines have you down on the stock market? “Down plunges 1,175 – worst point decline in history” – CNN Money Headline February 5, 2018 Are you checking your 401(k) every day? STOP! Don’t do it to yourself. A month before the CNN headline on January 4th was “Dow races to 25,000 for the first time” It is easy to get caught up in the media hype, because the media knows how to keep your eyeballs pinned to their station. Remember, they are incentivized to have people watching them, so the more drama, the better for their ratings. The stock market has cycles, it goes up (which we all enjoy) but it also goes down. This drop of 1,175 points in the DOW is less than a 5% drop. Keep in mind

Louise the Loser

Meet Louise- she is a loser. She always pays too much for cars, loses her Kohls Cash Coupons, picks bad boyfriends, and hasn't asked for a raise in years. SIGH. She also has managed to invest her money in the stock market every year at the worst possible time, whenever the stock market was at a high. So why is she smiling? Because she is in it for the long haul and her money has grown, despite her terrible timing. Let's say she started buying the SPY, which is an exchange traded fund that invests in the largest 500 companies in the United States. And she invests $10,000 in October 2007, which turns out to be the market high right before the great recession. Then the following year s

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