Last Minute Resolutions

If you are anything like me, you are having a panic attack because the end of the year is quickly approaching and most of the New Year's Resolutions made back in January are lying in a ditch. The twenty pounds to lose turned into a net gain of five NEW pounds, the closets are not organized, nothing got "Kon Maried", and my gratitude journal hasn’t had an entry since January 10th. Relax...we can still get a few things done to make you feel like you have addressed some typical New Year's Resolutions. Go on your retirement plan website and increase your contribution at least 1% more than you are doing now. Just those few dollars getting saved over your working life can really add up. Cancel one

Your Financial Red Balloon

Have you seen the horror movie “It” yet? I haven’t. I am not into scary movies like that. But I know it is about a creepy clown that lures kids into the sewers with a red balloon. I have seen the trailers with the red balloon flitting through the town and the unsuspecting innocent children who follow and never heard from again. It got me thinking, we all have an “It” in our lives. Especially a “Financial” It. We are unsuspectingly going through a store and a lure is placed in front of us and it grabs us and next thing we know, we have a basket full of junk we don’t need and a new store credit card that saved us “Ten Percent” but we spent 50% more than we planned and if we don’t pay it off ri

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