Baseball and Financial Literacy

April brings spring showers and Tigers baseball! And it’s financial literacy month too! Which one are you more excited about? I bet its baseball. Ask any Tiger fan, and I bet they can rattle off a few baseball statistics about their favorite player. Baseball tracks everything. Runs batted in, pitches, runners left on base, errors, how well someone hits against a left handed pitcher when it is an evening game with a full moon. Everything. Financial literacy on the other hand, is sadly lacking in our country. With 45% of households living with financial insecurity, it is time to understand your own financial statistics and take charge of your personal situation. Here are some “financial stats

Seventy, Tax Smart and Charitable!

You are a pretty nice person. You worked hard all your life, you saved and you give to various charities and nonprofits. You are turning 70 soon and time to start tapping into that IRA and take your required minimum distributions. But when you do your tax return the next spring, not only are surprised with the extra tax you owe, you are surprised to find out your Medicare premiums are going up as well. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the downside to so many people living longer lives, is rising medical. One of the ways that Congress is paying for it is to raise the Medicare Premium on affluent seniors. If you are single, making over $85,000 ($170,000 for married couples), you

Divorce, Let's Talk About It

Divorce - an ugly thought but with more than half of marriages ending in it, we should talk about it. The fact is, divorce has a huge impact on people financially, especially women. In some studies, a women’s standard of living drops considerably after a divorce. Many women have taken time off to raise children, or take care of aging parents and their earning power has been diminished I generally urge people to consider carefully before getting a divorce and to make sure that it is truly the right direction. Sometimes, it is the stress of everyday life that is weighing down a relationship and some counseling can help you re-discover your marriage. Of course, if there is any form of abuse, e

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