The Art of Doing Nothing

A few years back, I heard an economist speak at an education conference I was attending. He was very engaging (Unusual for economists) and he was telling us about the factories of the future and how technology was going to transform them. He told us about an egg factory and how the chickens were fed, eggs collected and that it basically only took two workers to manage thousands of chickens daily. On one hand I was amazed and on the other hand I thought how horrible for these poor chickens, but that is another story for another day. His metaphor was that the factory of the future was going to have only a man and a dog running it. The dog would be there to make sure the man didn’t touch the ma

The Big Short

I saw the movie, The Big Short, this weekend. I had read the book by Michael Lewis several years ago so I was familiar with the characters of this true story. Plus, as a financial advisor during this period, I was intimately impacted by the housing boom and bust tragedy that became the Great Recession. The Big Short is a good movie and one that everyone should see, because people are already beginning to forget the pain of the recession and what got us there in the first place. In case you have not seen this movie, it is about how a few traders saw an opportunity to bet against Wall Street banks that were creating esoteric investment instruments made up of low-quality mortgage loans that wer

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