A Matter of Perspective

Recently, the social media world blew up over a picture of a white and gold dress. Some people would look at the picture and see a white and gold dress while others would see a black and blue dress. Personally, I saw a white and gold dress and thought people were crazy who saw otherwise! Then my daughter said, while looking at the same photo on my phone, she saw the dress as black and blue. I looked again at the photo on my phone, put it at a different angle and voila it changed to black and blue! Even when I changed the angle of the phone. Now, I was the crazy one. This can happen when you look at your investments as well. Back, in the late 1990's, when internet stocks were soaring, a paltr

The Strength of the Dollar & When to Invest

You may have heard that the dollar is "strong" right now. You may have also heard that a strong dollar amounts to a headwind against commodities and stocks. While there is some truth to that, there is more to the story. A strong dollar does not necessarily rein in the bulls, and dollar strength can work for the economy and the markets. The U.S. Dollar Index has soared lately. Across July 2014-February 2015, the USDX (which measures the value of the greenback against key foreign currencies) rose an eyebrow-raising 19.44%.1 On March 9, the European Central Bank initiated its quantitative easing program. The dollar hit a 12-year high against the euro a day later, with the USDX jumping north mor

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